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The owner of MUZA agency Mirdza Zivere is a director with respectable stage experience and has a degree awarded by the Faculty of Show Production, Institute of Theatre.

Practical experience accumulated since the Latvian state regained its independence in 1991.

Contacts with the best Latvian musicians, actors and artists.

Efficient and punctual work with clients

Director and producer Mirdza Zivere has worked on opera productions at the Latvian National Opera as well as musical dramas at the Latvian National Theatre:
In 1997, "Notre Dame de Paris" by Zigmars Liepins
In 2000, "Of Roses and Blood" by Zigmars Liepins
In 2007, "Adata" (Needle), a musical drama by Zigmars Liepins at the Latvian National Theatre
In 2009, "Vadonis" (The Leader), a musical drama by Zigmars Liepins at the Latvian National Theatre
In 2012, theatre version of the opera "Notre Dame de Paris" by Zigmars Liepins at the Latvian National Theatre

Starting with 2012, the agency has expanded its operations and now additionally offers individual travel packages.

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e-mail: [email protected]

The first Press Ball in 1992 - 1500 guests.

The two largest New Year�s Eve parties ever held in this country in 1992 and 1993, approximately 1400 guests each.

The 2nd Press Ball in 1993 - 1700 guests.

The celebrations of the 2nd anniversary of the Diena newspaper at the President�s Palace.

The final show of the Take My Hand, Brother campaign with participance of actors from all Latvian theatres at the national theatre in 1995.

The finals and show of Burda Moden competition in 1995.

The Through My Heart project and show in memory of the late singer Nora Bumbiere in 1994.

Together With The Turtle, the 1st city festival of Jurmala in 1995.

Representation of the anual report and organization of the party held by Latvijas Kugnieciba (Latvian Shipping Agency) in 1995.

Organization of the event of liquidation of the Skrunda locator in 1995; commision by Latvian Cabinet of Ministers.

The celebrations of the 130th anniversary of Aldaris brewery in Riga by the river Daugava in 1995 - approximately 800 000 participants, 1600 guests at the Rundale palace.

The celebrations of the 35th anniversary of Ventspils nafta in Ventspils, 1996.

The ceremony of the anual Aldaris Award at the Latvian National Opera in 1997.

The party held by Latvijas Kugnieciba (Latvian Shipping Agency) and its partners at the Latvian Academy Of Art in 1997.

The Beer Festival of Aldaris brewery and Riga City Council in Riga, 1998.

Banquet in honour of the 75th anniversary of the Latvian Basketball Association, 1998.

Opening of the new Volkswagen Trade centre in Riga- (ceremony and party), 1998.

The 1st Masquerade of Radio SWH in Kipsala, 1999.

The festivities of the 81st anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Latvia in Riga, 1999.

The opening celebrations of the new passenger terminal of the Riga Airport, 1999.

The Millenium celebrations at Hotel de Rome and "Konventa Seta" hotel in Riga, 1999.

The 5th anniversary celebrations of AUTEKO & TUV LATVIJA, 2000.

The Radio SWH Masquerade in Kipsala, 2000.

Youth Song and Dance Festival in Ventspils Olympic Sports Hall, 2000

Night Lounge Party for the first FORTECH Information Days, 2000

Ice and Track-and-Field Hall Opening festivity in Ventspils, 2000

Riga Port 800 Years jubilee, 2000

President's ceremonial guest- night devoted to the 83rd anniversary of proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, november 2001.

Parekss Bank annual ball, december 2001.

Riga Free Port Administration's New Year's Eve festivity, 2000/2001

Radio SWH Masquerade in �ipsala, 2001

Festivity honouring the publishing of book "Riga", 2001

Sea Festival in Ventspils, 2001

Opening of reconstructed Monument of Liberty, 2001

Producing of Song and Dance Festival "Riga 800" closing show, 2001

Stage direction of Radio SWH Annual Silliness Awards "Neurovision 02", on April 1, 2002

Sea Festival in Ventspils, July 2002

International festival of popular songs "Ventspils' Song for Sea", July 2002

Bank College decennary jubilee festivity, September 2002

Rietumu Bank decennary jubilee - garden-party in Me�otne, September 2002

Bank College students' and professors' procession to the Monument of Liberty, September 2002

Opening festivities for ABB Latvia new warehouse and headquarters, 2002

Parex Bank annual Client's ball, December 2002

The 4th Masquerade of Radio SWH in Kipsala, 2003.

Radio SWH 10 decennary jubilee on May, 2003.

Radio SWH World Music Festival on May 16, 2003.

Welcoming of vessels taking part in Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races 2003 with introductions and 
corresponding anthems on 9th and 10th of August, 2003.

Closing of Cutty Sark Tall Ships' Races 2003 regatta with performances of choirs "Absolventi" 
and "Kam�r..." and artistically delivered farewell fireworks on August 12, 2003.

Reception held by The President of Latvia in honour of 85th Anniversary of
Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia, November 18, 2003.

Radio SWH Masquerade in Kipsala, January, 2004.

Latvian Autoroads industry 85th jubilee concert and ball in Latvian
Nacional Opera house, July 2004.

Three-star Order and re-established Viesturs Order award ceremony, November

RADIO SWH Latvian Music Top Finals, in LTV studio, live broadcast, on
Jaunuary 9, 2005.

Jubilee concert honoring three dancing mistresses - T.Aruma, D.�t�la and
B.�teina - at National Opera House, February 2005.

Port of Riga 805 years jubilee at Melngalvu nams, Congress House, and in the territory of Riga Passenger port, from 2 to 4 of July. 

Arena Ridgepole celebrations, July 20, 2005.

Closing concert of 9th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Celebration, Me�aparks Open Air Theater, july 3

"Slokai 750" - jubilee closing celebration, September 2005.

Latvian Movie Awards - "Lielais Kristaps 2005" (Big Kristaps) - closing ceremony, October 2005.

State Revenue Service�s Riga regional department New Year ball, December 2005.

Radio SWH Latvian Music Top Finale on LTV, 8th of January 2006.

�Arena Riga� door opening celebration, 15th of February 2006.

Presentation of the new IVECO DAILY minibus at Arena Riga, in October of 2006.

10 years jubilee of construction company MERKS, at Arena Riga, November 2006.

Composer Uldis Marhilevi�s jubilee concert at Daile theatre, July 2007

Sigulda 800 jubilee grand performance "Gold of Satesele", August 2007

�MOMO� by Michael Ende at Riga Children and Youth Musical Theatre. Premiere on 25th October, 2007

Grand opening concert of the Song Festival at Arena Riga on March, 2008

XXIV Latvian Nationwide Song and XIV Dance Celebration opening concert in Mezaparks open-air stage on July, 2008

Proclamation of the Republic of Latvia - 90th anniversary celebration in Jurmala on November 18, 2008

15th anniversary concert of Riga Dome Choir School in the Big Guild on April 28, 2009

Welcome reception in honour of opening of the XXVII International Baltic road conference on August 23, 2009

Concert in honour of the 90th anniversary of Latvian road sector in Latvian National Theater on August 24, 2009

Dinner in honour of closing the XXVII International Baltic road conference ir Reval Hotel Latvia on August 26, 2009

Closing ceremony of the 10th Latvian School Youth Song and Dance Festival at the Mezaparks Open Air Theatre, 10th July, 2010

Annual Ball of the Latvian Maritime Medicine Centre, December, 2010

Cow Parade in Ventspils, June, 2012

Zigmars Liepins' anniversary concert "Atgriesanas" (The Return), 2012.


Work on projects of smaller scale is taking place constantly



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